CO.OL Housing

Two couples of friends in their late 60’s decided to build together their new own residences. The program consists of two single houses in which they could live and be free as time goes. They also want two apartments; one they could eventually rent to a medical assistant person and one for friends and for their grown-up kids, visitors at most.
The CO.OL housing is a 4 units building located in Viroflay on a tree-filled lot close to the Meudon forest. The two main units sits on top on a stone cladded base which contain parkings, shared rooms as well as a hidden apartment overlooking a small patio garden.
A long and gentle ramp opened to the sky leads to the main houses on the first floor. Distinct, they are both laid out on a single floor directly opened to the garden and the trees. A second apartment seats under the sloppy roof of one of the house and open to a courtyard.

4 single units
450 m²